My name is Rowdy Gaot. I live in a converted milk delivery van. I’m a goat herder.

Have a lot of time to ruminate on things as I watch The Waltzing Goat and the rest of the herd munch on leaves and grass. All that thinking kinda confuses me, sometimes makes it hard to tell fact from fiction. Best I can offer here is truth of a kind, which is about all you should expect from most folks.

My motto is, “Take nothing too seriously. Including yourself.”

I’ve been in Northern California most all my life and think it the greatest place on Earth.

A professional dilettante and dabbler.

Enjoy words and what you can do with them.

And cameras and what you can do with them.

And mixing and matching the words and photos.

For awhile now my milk van’s been parked next to a creek in a secluded little town in the Sierra Nevada foothills name of Bigelow, which you likely won’t find on any map cause that’s how folks around here like it.

More later. Gotta go take the goats for a walk.




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