A midwinter night’s dream

“Innovation is the way you stay ahead of the competition. Give people what they want before they know they want it. It worked for Steve Jobs. It’ll work here.”

It was the Grand Opening of Gull Twister’s relocated Hubcap Emporium, and he was passing on his entrepreneurial wisdom to friends and customers invited to the event.

It was past bedtime for sensible folks, but Gull knows hubcap buyers. They like to party and they keep going until the wee hours. The February drizzle  outside didn’t dampen their spirits one bit, not with Gull filling mugs from a beer keg and offering plates of salami, cheese and other goodies from the deli next door.

The guests of honor were Shirley Barstow and her husband, Fred, Gull’s longtime neighbors. They had just celebrated their 75th anniversary.

Shirley tells folks she’s “only 96 years old” and too busy. She’d just renewed her driver’s license  so she can keep delivering meals to senior citizens three days a week. And she likes to show up in dazzling cars with eye-catching hubcaps to brighten the mood of the old folks.

Fred collected old cars for fifty years and loves to see Shirley drive around and show them off, complete with fancy hubcaps. He still drives himself, most often his Ford tractor on their mini-farm.

As the event wore down, Gull and Shirley sipped their last beers.

“It may sound corny, Shirley, but this place is the fulfillment of a dream.

“I know it’s not the most glamorous business but I feel like I’m creating something special. I treat people right, I’m honest, and I am contributing to my community. I want to do my bit to making the world a better place and be a good person.”

This is one of the specialty hubcaps that Gull keeps in stock for people with vintage vehicles.


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