Finding their names

Most days in the autumn, Pipe Guy and Straw Gal head over to the pumpkin patch. They use those names with each other because nobody ever considered giving them a real name, you know, like Ted or Maria. 

The two pals live at a big pumpkin farm that has lots of fun things to see. There’s a carousel for kids, a goat herd to look at, and a train to ride. And of course a ride in the hay wagon to the orange-colored fields, where each passenger gets to select a pumpkin to take home. 

When the staff isn’t looking, Pipe Guy and Straw Gal sneak aboard the tractor-pulled hay wagon that carries the squealing children and their minders to the pumpkin fields.


Straw Gal and Pipe Guy hide under the hay until the wagon gets to the fields and then, just like the children, they race around looking at the big orange pumpkins. The kids can’t see the two friends because they are very thin. That’s what happens when nobody feeds you. 

Thin Woman and Pipe Guy wish they could ride on the carousel and on the train but, shockingly, they have to work at the farm without pay and don’t have any money for ride tickets. 

After awhile at the pumpkin patch they walk back and settle into their day job at the farm, which is to be cute and photogenic, though truth to tell most of the kids run right past them to see other attractions.


All stories should have happy endings and this one does. “Thin Woman” and “Pipe Guy” finally got real names. 

They were standing around one day watching the kids at the Happy Day Pony Ride when they heard one of the moms yell, “Merry, Milo, look this way so I can get your picture.”  

And with that, “Thin” and “Pipe” decided they wanted to be named Merry and Milo. And from then on they were. 

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