Headlines kidnap our young

She’s grown up on compelling click-bait headings on internet sites (“5 best ways to trim that tummy flab”), text messages (“It’s weird-crazy here at car wash”), news show promos (“Australia on fire – more at noon”), and hyped-up headlines in real newspapers (“Ballplayer’s arrest stuns city”).

It’s no wonder Sienna Bistro defines her life this way in her own texting, Instagram posts, tweets and other communications.

“It’s over – he’s a jerk.”

“New shoes – new me.”

There’s no time to write any details, to flesh out the latest revelation. Just send the bulletins, and move on to the next news flash.

Sienna texted her best friend, “So many good reasons to leave the dishes unwashed.”

And the next morning, “Sienna eats cold pizza for breakfast – again.”

“Here’s a funny one. We’re at Minnehaha Street. Get it, Minnie?”


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