Work harder, Mabel

“Mabel, I don’t care if you’re working your head off, get that silverware on the mantle polished before the Blantons arrive. You know what a fussbudget Mrs. Blanton is.”


Mabel also knows that her longtime owner, Hazel Benedict, gets nervous when company is coming. So Mabel doesn’t take offense, just quietly goes on doing what she’s told.

It’s easy for her to do that because she doesn’t have a brain, or a head at all. She was designed that way by Robot Housekeepers, Inc., which created her, complete with visual, aural and tactile sensors that feed into Mabel’s central processing unit.

Focus group sessions determined that householders feel more comfortable if their mechanical staff doesn’t quite look human. The early models, with heads, made their owners nervous with those metallic, lifeless eyes.

“Even without a head, Mabel looks almost human to me,” said Hazel Benedict. “A couple of times I caught myself about to gossip with her.”


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