Nightlife and other diversions

Meandering through my blues finds me driving on a country road after sunset.


I like the half-moon. It is beginning its slow climb and is partially tucked behind a cloud, with its round side down and flat slide up.

Among the others enjoying the moonlight are jackrabbits nibbling on vegetation along the road as it cuts through a checkerboard of rice fields. By day the rabbits must sleep in the fields, or next to them. Hard to imagine where they go when the farmers flood the fields and plant the rice.

I think of the book “Watership Down” by Richard Adams, about a colony of rabbits and what they face after fleeing earthmoving equipment cutting into their den. Like us all, they dream of finding a safe and happy home.

Farther along, I get a rare good look at a gray fox that had started to cross the road, and then reversed course when the headlights hit it. Its huge, fluffy tail seems to float behind it as the fox glides back into the brush.

After leaving the valley and climbing the lowest hills of the Sierra Nevada, you see skunks and deer about their business as you glide between trees shining in the moonlight.

There are compensations for running into the night.



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