Romance was the big prize at Washington hog show

You gotta walk a fine line if you want a hog-show blue ribbon. Not too much lard, but plenty of muscle to give your entrant a fine definition. And if the farmer gets it right, she’ll be able to add to her piggy bank.

Years later, long after the big Whitman County event, Grandpa still talked about the Hog Show of 1914. He said it had to be postponed until December, though he couldn’t quite remember why.

But there was a good reason he still brought it up. Because that’s where he met Grandma Blanche.

“She was the best-looking gal at the hog show,” he’d tell us.

She didn’t think this was all that funny, but they were always joking with each other like that. It seemed to work. They were still married when she passed away in the 1960s.

She said she loved life on the farm. She had a huge vegetable garden in the front yard with long rows of green beans, peas, corn, tomatoes and other plants that she’d can every fall.


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