No more Mister Nice Guy

Don’t step aside for tough-looking dudes,

be the one others try and elude


You want the women you gotta be tough,

enough with all this sensitive-man stuff


Time to try on a nasty epithet

let the other guys be the ones to fret


An epithetical reputation

would be a new sensation


Vlad the Impaler maybe, or Ivan the Terrible,

Or dreaded Attila, Europe’s scourge incomparable


Genghis Khan was the master of them all

he loved seeing his defeated enemies crawl


Pillage and rapine so lovely indeed,

grab the beauties and plant your seed


Crossing the steppe in mounted fury

striking awe and terror in every city


The world belongs to those who take,

you be the one to make others quake


The gentle beast starves before he’s grown,

jungle or city, don’t be the one left to moan



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