Madeleine is 3, and very creative. Since her name starts with an M, she decided that she must be a mole.

She imagines what life must be like for herself as a mole. Itʼs warm again outdoors, and last weekʼs heavy snow has mostly melted, so she sticks her head out of the ground and takes a breath of fresh air.

She would know, if moles thought such thoughts, that she could never fly like that robin on the branch, or climb trees like that squirrel, or romp in tall grass chasing her tail, or swim in the ocean, or sing Christmas carols.

Her life is dirt…and then more dirt.

This leads Madeline to further reflect that all animals must have limitations on where they can go, and what they can do.

Madeleine isnʼt sure what moles eat. Worms would be yucky. She wonders if pizza grows underground.

Sheʼd seen a program on TV about bobcats, and it sounded like fun to be able to explore all around. But she isn’t sure she wants her den in a rockslide or under an abandoned home. And mice and rats for lunch? Ugh!

It’s time for lunch, and Madeleine asks her father what he’s preparing.

“Weʼre having macaroni and cheese sweetheart,” he tells her.

“Dad, I think Iʼd like to stay human,” Madeleine tells him with a serious face.


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