Dog who reads Thoreau

Triscuit started with the Sunday comics, and developed a love of reading. As he matured he moved on to children’s stories, teen fiction, and then adult history and literature.

He learned of the deep bond that developed between humans and canines all the way back to the stone age. Triscuit is proud of the dogs who proved their value, from sheep herders to hunting partners, from police dogs to guide dogs.

He read about a poodle who lives in a Fifth Avenue condo in New York City, where her parents throw lavish parties and have works by Picasso and Braque on their walls.

In another book he shared the adventures of a German Shepherd who hiked hundreds of miles in the Rockies with his companion human.

Triscuit’s not a thrill-seeker himself. He’s more of an armchair adventurer who enjoys reading about those other brave and hardy dogs.

And he doesn’t care about fancy big-city condominiums or other extravagant homes. He realized that after he read Thoreau and learned about the virtues of a simple life.

Triscuit loves his modest home with a nice back yard, and is happiest when he’s in his mom’s arms wrapped up in a white comforter and reading a good book.




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