Selwood’s seventh child

Selwood Inch couldn’t have been happier. His wife, who had borne him six sons, finally produced a daughter – a goat.

Mrs. Inch was a generously affectionate woman. Fortunately, no awkward questions were asked about her daughter’s paternal lineage. Truth be told, the goat was her husband’s favorite child. He named her Betty, and loved to watch her graze in the backyard and flick her little tail.

One day a livestock dealer named Abdul came by and offered to take the goat to market. Mr. Inch was outraged and said his daughter was not for sale at any price.

Mrs. Inch, though she didn’t say so, wouldn’t have minded. Her seventh child was a handful and poked holes in the furniture with her horns.

Her brothers enjoyed playing with her though. One afternoon they dressed Betty up in girl clothes, but she soon nibbled them to pieces.

Then they tossed her some hay, and soon she was happily enjoying her dinner.

Betty goat

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