Overworked and underfed

The dedicated employees at the Troll Knoll Gold Mine give their all for Boss Stamper.

He’s demanding and unsympathetic.

“You’re under your quota,” he yells at Astan, who hauls buckets of ore from deep in the mine. “Your food rations will be cut to the bone.”

Astan is used to the killer pace. He knows his job. Turn his beads of sweat into nuggets of gold for the company’s coffers. But after a while a fellow gets bone tired and can’t keep up the pace.

The mine is trying to get by with a skeleton crew, and sometimes the workers just collapse out of exhaustion. But Boss Stamper gets ‘em up and working in no time.

“We don’t pay you to laze around,” he yells.

So Astan slaps on his hard hat and trudges back to work with the others.


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