Ingrid’s four-second trips

Ingrid Zermelo is captivated by memories of her whirlwind journeys.

“We ordered these gadgets on the internet. They let us leave our bodies behind and travel mentally. We become digital awareness bundles hooked up to power packs. Free floating. Sights and sounds and all the other senses stream to us through multi-sensor apps.

“Whatever we imagine, it happens within these portable minds.

“My friends are other floating awareness bundles. Everyone is connected. I know people all over the world now. We’re all immediately aware whenever anyone anywhere has an idea, an observation, something funny to say, an emotion.

“We have such wonderful experiences. I wanted to visit Lake Tahoe, so Flash shared with me his “week in Tahoe” tour. It took four seconds and it was incredible.

“Here was one beautiful place we saw. Flash’s nephew Cube came along for a boat ride. He’s called “Cube” because he’s so cool. You know, like an ice cube. Anyway, I really liked Tahoe. We even went to a casino at Stateline and won big bucks. But, darn, it was only mental money.”



“I spent “a week” in Vancouver and it took me another four seconds. The Canadians were very friendly.”




“One time in Turkey,  Linnie and I were doing a shared mental journey on a scary two-lane road and – this was amazing – we were passed by a speeding hearse. Who could have imagined such a thing? And Linnie wasn’t dawdling either. Some dead guy must have been in a hurry. I was surprised to see there can be dead people in our mental journeys. You know, with bodies and all that.”road-in-turkey

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