What’s behind window number three?

A curious soul passing by this building naturally wonders what’s going on inside.


Is, perhaps, the person behind the middle window more of an extrovert, willing to open himself to the outside world? And his friends behind the closed curtains on either side somewhat shy?

Life is so full of unanswered questions.

There oughta be a law.

Modern society is confusing enough as it is – all those things we donʼt understand.

People should be required to put up signs explaining stuff.

Like you drive by a farmerʼs field planted with an unusual crop. What is that? Itʼs ainʼt corn, it ainʼt sunflowers. The farmer needs to put up a sign: “This field is planted with amaranth.”

That commercial buildings for sale. Well, we all want to know. How much?

That unusual dog should wear a placard: “Iʼm an Affenpinscher.”

The folks who set up this technology display in Nevada City, California, did it right. You can see attached in front of this remarkable machine a plaque explaining that it is a Pelton waterwheel that was used to generate electricity. Why can’t more people be this informative?


Of course, there are limits. It would be unreasonable to expect this young lady gazing out at Lake Tahoe to wear a sign on her back telling passers-by what she’s thinking about, even though they might wonder.


But, really! Who wouldn’t want to know what this towering structure seen at a Sacramento Valley university campus is, and what it’s used for?  Wouldn’t you expect that especially at a college, where there should be no unanswered questions?


There’s still much to be done to enlighten a curious citizenry.


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