Wild critters come visiting

Stay in one place long enough and the world comes to you.


A coyote trots through the front yard in midday, and decides to rest for awhile under an apple tree.



One of our insect-devouring lizard companions sunbathes on a granite boulder.



A quail finds a safe spot in the backyard where it can see above the grass.



A critter walked through the place the night before, and left its calling cards.



With military precision, a line of deer walk down the driveway on the way to nibbling blossoms
in the garden.



This hawk rested for awhile in our back yard, then flew away.



3 thoughts on “Wild critters come visiting

  1. Excellent wildlife photography. Rumor has it the cougars are becoming less reclusive in these parts. I would love to photograph one, so I placed a huge ball of yarn on the property.


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