Women’s wear from days past

Women don’t often wear stylish hats these days. A pity. Hats would protect their faces from the sun and offer a style accessory of almost limitless possibilities.

Of course, female attire has radically changed from head to foot over the years. The fun of photos such as those below is that a knowledgeable person can usually pick the decade the picture was taken just from the clothing.

In the early years of the 1900s, for example, the fashion ideal was the “Gibson Girl,” with tiny waist,  a blouse with a high, turned-down collar, and a large hat.

The almost boyish silhouette of the 1920s was followed in the decade of the Great Depression by a natural waistline and a more feminine look that borrowed heavily from the movies of the day.

The mother and daughter photo below was taken about 1910.



Others, from various time periods:

This is in Joy's binder of big photos. Photo that Joy has.













Young ladies were expected to conform to the fashions of the day, as well.



Even very young ladies.







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