Child of divorce learns to cope

“Just because Mom and Dad can’t stand each other is no reason that I have to be miserable.”

Actually, Sophie Ann’s parents just can’t stand to LIVE together. Now that they have separate homes, four blocks apart, they have become friends again. Which works out better for them, and not so horribly for Sophie, who secretly admits it’s nice to stay with one and then the other as she chooses.

“When Mom’s being a bitch I stay with the Old Man,” she tells her friend Cymbree. “When I get tired of Dad, it’s back to Mom’s place again. I think she likes it better that way, too. It gives her time to herself to recover from the ‘horribleness’ of having a teenager messing up the place and throwing hormonal fits.”

From either place, it’s only a three-block walk to her high school, so there’s no problem there, and text messages between the parents ensure everyone knows what’s up.

Often the parents, when they’re not off doing their own things, hang out with each other and their daughter and it’s almost like the old days.

“Sometimes better,” confides Sophie to her friend, though she can still employ the guilt card when she’s in the mood.

“I wish more kids could have this experience when their parents split up,” she says. “There’s this one guy at school who had to go to court and tell the judge which parent he wanted to live with. It got ugly. Lots of pressure on him. And his parents still aren’t speaking to each other. I feel sorry for him.”

For herself, Sophie’s content. She’s over the pain of her parents’ split-up and finds she’s enjoying life, despite the ups and downs.

“Find a reason to enjoy every day the counselor told me,” she says. “It seems to be working for me.”






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