Rural scenes

Thing about living in the boonies is you have to accept tradeoffs. It’s a long drive to the supermarket. And a longer drive to the many offerings of the city. Sometimes we miss that great bookstore or fun restaurants and coffee places and museums and parades and all that.

But you are repaid in wildflower-covered meadows, grazing livestock, friendly neighbors you may have known for decades, a more relaxed pace, a stream in the backyard, deer on the front lawn. And sometimes the loudest noise is the flapping wings of birds flying overhead.

All in all, it’s a choice each of us has to make. A lot of folks, you couldn’t drag them from the urban excitement. Guess out here, we’re just different. We get real excited when the neighbors call us down to see their new lamb



Or when the horses next door come to the fence and let us feed them carrots.



Or when we take a walk in the spring and see sights like this.



Or take a walk in the autumn, when it looks all different.



The sheep and the hens get along fine.



Time to split the firewood that will be warming us come winter.



Grandchildren explore a meadow.



And later come across a couple of browsing goats.







The goats sure do like those black-oak leaves.



These horses in a nearby pasture almost seem wild by their bearing. They’re beautiful animals and welcome neigh-bors.



The grandkids check out a local pond.



Play on the wide open spaces.



Swim in a Sierra river.



Check out a covered bridge built in Gold Rush days.

bridgeport-covered- bridge







And wear themselves out.

Julie and the kids flew to California for a visit in November 2008.

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