Researchers find that cats are cute

After a three-year, $12 million dollar study at California’s Onion State University, animal scientists have come to the conclusion that cats do indeed, as stated in the final report, “display traits consistent with cuteness.”

So, the inscrutable felines take center stage:


Chloe enjoys mysteries that rely on cat sleuthing, such as those by Lilian Jackson Braun. She’s a big romance fan, too.



When there are groceries to be put away, you can be sure Chloe’s sister Camille will be there to help.



Bacon, please.



It’s nap time. But if you’re a cat, it’s usually nap time.



The coach benched me after I fell asleep on third down.



Yes, I know I’m cute. Mom taught me how.



Chloe is a fanatic about staying on top of paperwork.


cat close-up

This is the view that mice and lizards get. Be thankful you are human-sized.


I know, my house is tiny, but I like cozy.

I know, my house is tiny, but I like cozy.



There’s always room for one more.



This is my couch! Go find your own couch.



It’s OK. I know the driver.



So do I. Besides, I can run faster than her.

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