Christmas spirit, near and far

Christmas season is always special along Loma Rica Road, near Marysville, California, where a gigantic Christmas display draws admirers from all over the region, as this one did in 2013.

Happy snowmen

Christmas display


At a nearby home in the foothills, a child’s Christmas tree replica added to the decorations.

Christmas tree art


St. Peter’s Square in Rome was the prefect place to visit on a recent Christmas Eve.

St. Peter's Square, Rome


Afterward, a trip home for a family Christmas Eve dinner in the Rome suburbs.

Christmas Eve in Rome


Santa didn’t give Emilio the Maserati he wanted. So much for Santa.

Santa discarded. Rome


At home in Washington state, Jeebies says he is the best gift of all.

Wrapped in fur

Just floored by those new Christmas socks.

Christmas socks



These Ohio children found much to be thankful for in a recent Christmas season.

Ready for Christmas


In Butte County, California, a doll for a doll.

A doll for a doll. A young girl places a doll in a buggy.


A holiday concert in Shelton, Washington.

Christmas concert


In a mountain home surrounded by snow, an alert sentry keeps guard on the Christmas tree and all the gifts below.

Christmas tree

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