Gee, what a story

G is a gregarious letter and giggles a lot. She’s a big fan of the Oakland A’s, loves to listen to bees and never got below a C on spelling tests.

X and Q, her parents, adore their daughter and fondly nicknamed her Gigi. They hoped she’d marry the frugal F, who lives next door, or the industrious I, an ophthalmologist.

But Gigi would have none of that. Her heart belonged to the handsome H, with whom she was often paired, as in ghost and ghoul. Without a word to her parents, or even a letter, the couple hopped aboard the E Train and eloped.

She doesn’t mind such a ghastly situation. She married her hero for love after all, and doesn’t care if he sometimes has hives.

He has a big heart and brings her happiness, he never heckles, and always helps when G needs a hand with lower-case george and henrietta.

G has found her match, that’s for sure, and happily every morning gets into gear to help make giraffes, gnats and gnus…not to mention goats.

While H, when he’s not hibernating, hauls himself down the hall and does his part to bring to life herons, herring and hippopotami.

Goats munch. (Gigi used one of her G’s for that short sentence.)



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