Forlorn beauty

Why does Hector so often act like he doesnʼt really care for me or my feelings? I guess Iʼll never understand men.

At the risk of seeming immodest, I believe that I am attractive. My front is curvaceous, my backside doesnʼt stick out too much, and my four round feet are perfectly aligned.

So why does my guy treat me so poorly? Isnʼt he attracted to me? He must be, the way he runs his hand over my side in gentle caresses.

He seems to like to show me off to the other guys, too, and to even let his closest friends take me for a ride now and then, which Iʼm willing to do to please Hector, though it really isnʼt my thing.

On the weekends he faithfully gives me a bath, and polishes my bling.


You’d think Hector would treat his ’52 Chevy Bel Air better.

Just when Iʼm sure things between us are going really well, heʼll do something like spill his coffee on me, or leave me outside for the night even though he knows Iʼd rather be indoors where it’s warmer.

Itʼs driving me crazy.

Iʼve tried talking with him about it, but unless he really wants something from me he just turns down the volume. I feel like Iʼm carrying both of us in this relationship.

Oh yeah, if thereʼs a ball game he wants to get to, or the fish are biting at the lake, heʼll do his best to turn me on, sweet-talk me while weʼre going where he wants, maybe even give me a little massage on my seat. But then when he gets there itʼs turn-off time, and Iʼm left to bake in the hot sun with no air conditioning.

I try putting the brakes on when he annoys me like that, but I do love the big lug and before I know it heʼs steering the conversation toward my beautiful exterior and clutching me.

Last week he took me to the U-joint on Bixby Street. We both got tanked, completely filled up, and on the way home he was feeling so happy we pulled over and parked for awhile, though I must admit I donʼt remember much that happened there – after all, it was dark – giggle.

I know life has its speed bumps and Iʼll just have to try harder to be grateful for Hectorʼs love. And letʼs be honest, he does rev my engine, and he only asks me once in a while to carry the stinking fish heʼs caught.

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