Monty and the forked tree

Heading toward his favorite grapevine, Monty stops to nibble oak leaves. He stands on his hind legs so he can reach the higher branches of a blue oak, leaning on the tree with his front hooves.

Suddenly the hooves slip down the tree and his right front leg becomes caught between the twin trunks. It is stuck tight. He falls onto his side at an awkward angle and canʼt pull out the hoof. His leg hurts and he starts bawling, as only Monty can bawl.

Fortunately, his goat herder, who has cared for Monty since he was born on the property, is nearby. He hurries over and calms Monty, and with effort manages to pull the leg up and free it.

Tree trunks

Monty lies there for awhile, then stands up and for some time doesnʼt move, except to tremble in what seems like shock.

Finally he starts walking, with a pronounced limp, and slowly follows the rest of the herd. By the next day he is much better and the limp almost gone.

Monty goes back to being the pet of the herd and failing to notice when the rest wander off to the next eating spot, and suddenly finding himself alone and bawling his head off until he gets a reply so that he knows where to run to rejoin the others.

Monty is the class clown.