Chicken biggggg

Her Mom read the Chicken Little story to her every single night.

Daphne thought it was dumb!

When I grow up, I’m gonna be BIG, Daphne thought to herself, though she was too polite to say so to her mother, who obviously enjoyed the story and thought very highly of it.

“I’m gonna be big, so I’ll have to eat like a pig,” Daphne clucked quietly to herself after she was tucked into her straw-lined box and began nodding off.

So Daphne devoted every day single-mindedly to filling herself with chicken scratch, chicken laying crumbles (though, really, she was too young for that), bugs, lettuce, cucumber pieces that Mrs. Patel tossed to her over the fence, and even oats when she could beat the horse to them.

One day an acorn fell on her head, and instead of getting scared and thinking the sky was falling she even tried to eat that. But it was too hard to chew, so she gave it to pig in exchange for a beak-full of mash.

One day she looked in the pond, saw her reflection and was delighted. The biggest chicken she’d ever seen was looking back.



From then on Daphne ruled the roost. Even the rooster was very polite to her.

Her humans were proud of her and bragged to the neighbors about their giant hen and the huge eggs she laid.

And the title of the book Daphne reads at bedtime to her babies is “Chicken Enormous.”