A vulture’s viewpoint

Sutter Buttes

Our home is in these crags. Come join us for dinner. Dead skunk will be served at 6. We call this place “craaakeech” – in our language it means “buzzard heaven” – in your language it is “the Sutter Buttes”.

High in the summer sky
we float gracefully on updrafts
our sharp eyes seeking
dead flesh we can rip apart
and carry to our young

Who greet us with shrill cries
as they wait high on a cliff
in their bone-strewn nest
and grab at meat scraps
laid before them like rare steak

You should not criticize beautiful birds
who are nature’s cleanup crew
janitors of the wild expanses
picking up the debris of life’s tragedies;
others’ death is our life — we accept your thanks

Vulture flying

No need to phone for buzzard service. The flying patrol is already on the job.