Words at play

It’s recess time for Ball and Volley, and guess what they’re playing out on the school yard.

But Her and Sock are having trouble getting together for a game…and the spelling teacher is off in the break room and can’t help.

Sitting on a bench, Clart, the new kid from the wealthy part of town, is shyly revealing a bit about herself to a friendly classmate.

“Well, it’s like, you know, we can only live in the big dictionaries because the common words fill up the smaller ones.

“Sometimes I wish I could just get off by myself, but that’s not gonna happen — it’s like jam-packed at my place.”



Birds of a feather pair off, no matter what their name.


“But who are you?” asked her new friend? “What are you like?”

“I haven’t told anyone else here,” Clart said. “I’m sorta ashamed. I wish my folks had named me Amber, or Ruby. I’m a verb.” Lowering her head she quietly continued, “My definition is ‘to smear or bedaub with sticky dirt.’”

Her companion moved away a bit, silently studying Clart for a long moment.

“Aw, don’t look so bummed, you have a great personality,” she told Clart, and grabbing her hand led her off to join Mint and Pepper for a game of tag.