Witch at the window

First glance: No big deal. Just your ordinary witch, looking out a window.

But whoa! Sheʼs got no face – itʼs a skeleton. Can that be?

Was she cursed? Had she stopped eating her oatmeal?

What DO witches eat?

I didnʼt know whether to run, call 911 to give her medical help, or … what I finally did. I stared for a minute and then sidled off to think about it. I knew Iʼd be back.

I was, the next day, and she was still there. Was I going nuts or something? Was I the only one whoʼd noticed this bizarre apparition in our little town?


witch at the window


I was afraid to tell anyone else what Iʼd seen. I didnʼt want them to think me unbalanced, and I really didnʼt want them to go look at that window and NOT see a bony witch.

So I learned to live with it. After awhile became comfortable with her. Glanced up casually as I passed, with a smile or a wave.

Sometimes I thought she smiled back.